George Mallory was a fine mountaineer who is famous for having conquered Mount Everest. Mount Everest has occupied an almost hallowed place in the modern imagination. It is the pinnacle of endurance, fortitude, motivation, and passion. 

When asked why he would bother traveling all the way to Mount Everest just to ascend the dangerous summit, he gave an answer that has thrilled generations since. He answered with these simple words: “Because it’s there.” 

The Power of Motivation 

Mallory gave an eloquent answer that can serve as a template for all of our life goals. Why work harder? Because you can. Why aim for further career progression? Because you can. Why be the best version of yourself? Because it is well in your power to do so. 

The Cambridge English Dictionary provided two poignant definitions of the word “motivation”. The first is “the enthusiasm to do something”. The second is “the need or reason for doing something”. 

Consider for a moment the implication of the second definition. It states that motivation is the need to do something. Highly motivated individuals do not treat their goals as merely desirable. Instead, they feel a driving need to achieve. Does that describe you today? 

Feeling Motivated 

There is plenty of advice on how to find that spark in you that will move you to achieve greatness. Healthdirect Australia lists a few handy tips to get motivated if you’re feeling down in the dumps. One method is to reinforce positive self-talk. Remember, you can often be your own worst enemy. So, tell yourself that you’re strong, that you’re able, and that you can overcome whatever life throws at you. 

The next tip is to practice mindfulness. Psychology Today provides us with a useful list of the benefits of mindfulness. For example, mindfulness helps you to accept your current situation, which then gives you the motivation to improve it. 

make this day great

Dealing With Demotivation 

We all know that life is not a bed of roses. Sometimes life circumstances can throw us off balance. We all go through cycles of sadness and demotivation — it is just a part of life. 

However, as the famous saying goes, “Life is not about how many times you fall down, but the number of times you get back up.” 

According to Productive Flourishing, one way to overcome demotivation is to review your goals. Are your goals realistic? Are they achievable? So make sure you’re clear on what you’re realistically able to do. 

Second, it may be helpful to set achievable goals and plan around them. That way, you have something achievable to look forward to, which may be just the remedy for a bout of demotivation. 


The Best Version of Yourself – Motivation

The real you is full of great ideas that might just change the world. Don’t give up on yourself. Motivation can be hard to find. However, once you discover that inner spark, nothing can put it out. You just need to guard it with all diligence. Push through and you will see the rewards soon enough. 


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