When Is The Best Time For A Workout? You’re motivated, you’re excited, and you’re ready to commit to a workout schedule. You know for a fact that investing in a strong body will help you go the distance. After you’ve signed up for a gym membership or bought some gym equipment, you have one last thing to figure out. When exactly is the ideal time for working out? 

Best Time For Workout

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Before we answer that question, let’s explore the workout routines of some notable individuals. We will also pay heed to the opinion of scientific experts. 

Why Work Out In The Morning? 

The former US president, Barack Obama, is famous for adhering to a strict morning workout routine. Every day, he reportedly spends 45 minutes in the gym, alternating between strength conditioning and cardio training. Sometimes, he mixes up his workout routine with a game of basketball or golf. 

The best thing about working out first thing in the morning is that you are at your peak energy. Scientists have commented that morning workouts are best for burning fat and losing weight. In addition, if you are psychologically committed to working out before doing anything else, you’re more than likely to stick to your workout plan. 

Why Work Out In The Afternoon? 

However, not everyone is a morning person. If so, afternoon workouts might work for you. If you work out in the afternoon, you would have likely eaten something by then. This gives you the extra energy to push further in the gym. 

A study found that humans burn about 10% more calories in the late afternoon compared to at night. This has to do with the normal circadian rhythm of the human body. Also, working out in the late afternoon often means that you’re mostly done with your day’s work. This allows you to devote your full attention to your workout before retiring home to rest at night. 

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Why Work Out In The Night? 

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is one of the biggest names in fitness. He has a habit of posting about his remarkable workout routines on social media. He once shared the secret to getting in shape for a superhero role in a movie: late-night training

Some people, like Dwayne Johnson, have busy schedules and hence have to resort to working out at night. When you work out at night, you tend to have fewer distractions. You’re done with the tasks of the day and are ready to focus on yourself. This allows you to put all your energy into your workout plan. In addition, working out at night helps you to sleep better. A poll from the National Sleep Foundation demonstrated that people experience deeper, longer sleep after a nighttime workout. 


The Best Time For A Workout in this article, we have seen how working out at any time of the day can provide benefits. No two people are alike. You’d likely need to experiment a little to find out what works best for you. You might find out that your preference for when you work out changes according to your day’s schedule.